For pilots arriving and departing by plane.

The Finnish Transport and Communications Agency (Traficom) has approved the proposal of the organiser’s of Jämi Fly In to establish a temporary restricted area EFR553 – JÄMI Fly-In 2023 on 21-23 July 2023. The use of the area is coordinated by AIRBOSS (123.650 MHZ), which gives recommendations and instructions for arriving as well as departing traffic. Please note that AIRBOSS is not an air traffic controller, he does not issue take-off or landing clearances and does not activate or terminate flight plans.

Area active:

21.7 1200-1900 UTC (1500-2200 LT)
22.7 0500-1900 UTC (0800-2200 LT)
23.7 0500-1500 UTC (0800-1800 LT)

During the activation, only the aircraft participating in the event or separately agreed upon, may enter.


Incoming traffic shall contact AIRBOSS well in advance for instructions. Incoming traffic shall use reporting points LAVIA, VESAJÄRVI, KILVAKKALA, KOVELAHTI and JÄMIJÄRVI for position reports. You must fly through the points in the above mentioned order!


LAVIA 613600N 0223300E
VESAJÄRVI 613827N 0225234E
KILVAKKALA 614500N 0230100E
KOVELAHTI 615400N 0225200E
JÄMIJÄRVI 615000N 0224300E

Through point JÄMIJÄRVI ,the pilot shall join the downwind leg for RWY 09 or the right downwind RWY 27. The AIRBOSS assists arriving and departing traffic and, if the situation permits, can give permission to fly from any registration point directly to the airport’s traffic circuit. When the area is active, arriving aircraft must wait near the registration point KOVELAHTI, taking into account other affecting nearby traffic, if AIRBOSS does not give permission to fly to the active restricted area. If the fuel situation does not allow a long wait, you can use Tampere-Pirkkala or Hämeenkyrö airport for waiting. Please keep in mind that one cannot get fuel from Hämeenkyrö, so if you need refueling, use Tampere-Pirkkala as your waiting destination.

The landing place for seaplanes is Mielahti, where boat guidance is active when the area is active. After you land, you can order a ride from Fly In – info on +358 46 963 5310.

Even outside the validity periods of the restricted area, there are flight and aviation activities at and nearby the RWY 15/33 area. Arriving traffic is advised to fly the mentioned route also in this case and to inform Jämi traffic (123.650 MHZ) of their intentions. For more information during the event, please contact AIRBOSS, TEL. +358 46 964 2952

Drone operation

Regarding drone operations, the restriction is only valid in the area of ​​the restrictive EFJM UAS airspace zone, and possible exception permits for drone operations can be granted by AIRBOSS.

NOTE! The restriction of airspace use also applies in the EFJM UAS airspace zone, which allows aircraft operations, and any exception permits for aircraft operations are granted by AIRBOSS.

The restrictions do not apply to military, border guard, police, customs, maritime and aviation authorities, nor to authorities handling rescue services, first aid services or patient transport, or to flights ordered by them when the performance of the duties prescribed for these authorities requires flying in the area. The restrictions also do not apply to urgent medical flight operations by helicopters, nor to flights based on an international obligation binding Finland.

NOTE! Niinisalo and the nearby restricted areas may be active in this area regardless of the situation. Check NAV WARNIGS! Flying into the restricted area without permission is monitored by the Air Force’s normal air control. When flying in uncontrolled airspace, we recommend listening to the air traffic control frequency (127.100 MHz). Jämi has two paved runways, i.e. runway 09/27 (lower runway 18m x 860m) and runway 15/33 (upper runway 15m x 830m). The upper runway is mainly reserved for airplane and drone operations and the landing of parachutists, the lower runway for arriving and departing aircraft. Note the northbound approach to runways 09 and 27. There is refueling station operated by Kanair on the platform of the lower concourse, where you can get 100LL fuel with debit and credit cards.

Registration instructions

Make an announcement on the Jämi frequency 123.650 MHz a few minutes before the reporting point. Use the term ”AIRBOSS” instead of ”Jämi traffic” as a callsign for the aerodrome. For example: ”AIRBOSS, OH-OGF from the direction of Pori, estimate Lavia at 11” (11 minutes past the hour) If AIRBOSS does not respond, you may be too far away from radio reception. In this case, blindly announce when crossing the point LAVIA: ”OH-OGF Lavia, estimate Kilvakkala one five” and continue flying the route shown by the black arrow towards Kilvakkala. Two minutes before Kilvakkala, call AIRBOSS again in the same way. Remember that many others are flying through the same reporting points, so keep your eyes open. When AIRBOSS acknowledges your transmission, you will receive Jämi’s QNH and the runway in use, as well as information about possible activity in the restricted area, for example: ”OGF AIRBOSS, Jämin QNH 1009, runway 27 in use, report Kovelahti.” Continue flying via Kilvakkala towards Kovelahti. AIRBOSS does not warn about other traffic, except if there is a particularly large number of planes at a specific reporting point. Keep your eyes and ears open and listen for similar announcements from others. Note that there may also be radioless aircraft in the airspace.

In the normal case, fly the route Lavia – Vesajärvi – Kilvakkala – Kovelahti – Jämijärvi, report the points as previously instructed, and join from the north either downwind 09 or right downwind 27 as shown in the picture below.


Use standard announcements regarding joining and landing, don’t wait for acknowledgments from AIRBOSS. AIRBOSS may give instructions regarding holding at or near a certain point. When positioning the aircraft, follow the instructions given by the ramp personnel wearing orange vests via radio or hand signals. Larger planes arriving at Jämi (DC-3 etc.) can, according to AIRBOSS’s instructions, join long final directly 09 or 27, being mindful of other traffic. The flight altitude has not been precisely defined. If possible, fly after Jämijärvi for the landing circuit at an altitude of 1000 ft MSL.

We have reserved the runway 15/33 for i.e. skydiving on the upper field, for airplane and drone use, but if the wind blows too hard from the side on runway 09/27, don’t needlessly break your plane in a crosswind landing, but use the runway that is the safest for your skills. Notify AIRBOSS, who will give instructions on joining the invoice round. However, the initial approach (arrival near the airport) must be made from the north according to the instructions above.

Runway 09/27 can be congested from time to times so, if possible use the runway only for take- offs and landings, try to keep the runway vacated for planes landing behind you. If you can, after landing, taxi to the end of the runway and vacate from there, or out onto the grass before the end of the runway. Before taking off, do the same in reverse if possible. Run up your engines while taking others into account before moving onto the runway and use the grass area for taxiing. We charge a parking fee of 10 eur/motorized aircraft for those arriving by aircraft. You can pay the fee on the spot, and regardless of what the receipt says, the fee covers the parking of the aircraft for the entire fly-in – weekend.

Fly In – our info will serve you in the Jämi Areena on 21.7 from 9 am to 9 pm, 22.7. from 10 am to 5 pm and 23.7. from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Other times 21.-23.7. you can get information from the phone number +358 46 963 5310.

We recommend filing a flight plan before takeoff and using a transponder, especially if you plan to fly in controlled airspace. Remember to indicate in section 18 of the flight plan how you plan to close your flight plan. We recommend reporting by phone to regional air traffic control, at +358 20 708 5172, e.g. ”RMK/ARR PHONE ACC”.



We recommend making a departure report to regional air traffic control at the waiting area, immediately before take-off, by phone at +358 20 708 5172 (mention ”RMK/DEP PHONE ACC” in section 18 of the flight plan). An alternative way is to make an announcement after takeoff on the radio (”RMK/DEP RTF ACC 127.100”).
If the danger and/or restricted areas are not active, fly in the direction of the runway along its extension to a distance of at least 5nm, and then turn in the desired direction. If runway 27 is in use, and you are heading north or east, climb to 1500 ft MSL in the direction of the runway, and then turn right in the desired direction. Please note that you are cutting the routes of planes arriving at Jämi.

AIRBOSS can give other kinds of recommendations.


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